There is no "After"

This post has nothing to do with crafting. I stumbled upon a blog today that I've now been reading for two hours, and I want to read more. The blogger, Charlotte, and I are on opposite ends of the fitness spectrum, but I'm hoping to use her for motivation. I got EA Sports "Active" for Christmas this year (a gift to myself), and now that the baby is 2 months old and my body has returned to its normal state, it's time to start thinking about getting fit, for once and for all. Which brings me to the title of this post.

I'm reminded of the line from The Matrix: "There is no spoon." So many examples out there of fitness before and after, as if "after" is this utopia that, once attained, will never desert you. I'm living proof that this is not true. A number of years ago I managed to shed a significant number of pounds, only to gain it all back, plus more. This time I'm approaching things slightly differently, in that I'm incorporating exercise immediately. In truth, I haven't been watching my diet as closely as I should be, but I'm easing into this. I think maybe I'll post this on my fridge or something, just to remind me that it's a journey, not a destination.


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